Trees Help Reptiles Thrive

Trees have a beautiful connection with Mother Nature. It is impossible to explain in an entirety, through mere words. The ecosystem is composed of all living and non-living entities with which trees have found a relationship, a link to it. For instance, if you take a glimpse on any of the trees close by, you’ll notice how it harbours many creatures like birds, reptiles, squirrels and not just those leaves. Insects and animals find their havens in trees, as if the branches extend out to greet them, tug them in. Just the sight of this instils an emotion in our hearts.

We asked a local tree service business owner on his thoughts about reptiles and trees, and Louie, the owner of Las Vegas Tree Trimmers, said he’s had to turn down jobs due to the habitat needs of the tree for the current residence, which were reptiles.


An ecosystem can be envisioned as a functional unit of nature, where living organisms interact among themselves and also with the physical environment that surrounds them.

An ecosystem can vary greatly in the aspect of its size. And because of this very reason, ecosystem is broadly divided into two, terrestrial ecosystem and aquatic ecosystem. For instance, the interaction between fishes in a pond, animals in forests and the like can be considered as an ecosystem that comes under the category of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem, respectively. There is no upper limit to the size of an ecosystem. In the article, we will deal with the interaction of trees and the animals that reside in them.


There are a large number of reptiles that live in forests. The reptile class consists of amphibians like frogs, and snakes like the boa and pythons. Most of the reptiles are seen with special mechanism that helps them take cover or even hunt for food by camouflaging. Their skin gets adapted to the tree trunks colour and helps them exist in a deep and dark forest like the Amazon forest.

Reptiles usually dwell in grounds and tend to have an affinity toward woody remains or fragments of tree logs, fallen logs, and leaf litter. These are the places they feel safer and comfortable to live and even lay their eggs.

But nowadays, many of the reptile species have become endangered and it has caused a dent in the ecosystem. The main reason for their endangerment and extinction is the change in their surrounding environment which is mainly caused by human beings.


As said earlier, trees are the homes of a million insects and animals as well. Some animals spend most of their existence living on trees for example, a tree kangaroo, orang-utan, chameleon and the like. These animals live their lives wholly on trees. This balances down the ecosystem rather than it making it a big fuss. Animals and insects on the other hand help in the production of fruits and flowers in return and maintains the existence of the tree as well, through dispersal, and pollination.

In any case, humans should not be the reason to terminate this beautiful harmony. By cutting a tree down, you should always think you are wiping out the harmless animals’ home